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Colorful coral reefs, spectacular wall dives, rare fish species and wonderful scenery make North Sulawesi a dream destination. With a unique ecosystem, northern Sulawesi houses a greater diversity of marine animals than anywhere else on earth. Rare fish species taken from a science fiction movie and amazing diving experiences are what you can expect. The island of Sulawesi, formerly called Celebes and unofficially called the Orchid Island, also attracts visitors with its beautiful scenery and hospitable locals. Sulawesi belongs to Indonesia and lies in a triangle between the southern Philippines, East of Borneo and west of West Papua.

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Bangka along with the islands of Gangga, Pulisan and Benteng are a group of islands located just north of the northern tip of Sulawesi. This group of islands and the adjacent coast are known for strong currents that contribute oxygen and nutrient-rich water to the area. These streams have created very favorable conditions for marine life here. Here you will find large shoals of tropical fish, rare nudes, soft and hard corals and a host of other unusual fish species.
Murex Bangka dive resort is a true diving paradise. Take a step out on the white sand beach and step into the story of Robinson Crusoe. Murex Bangka welcomes its guests in a secluded private lagoon, nestled under shady trees and white sand with crystal clear turquoise water. Murex Resorts is family friendly and safe for children. The children will be able to play freely while they run around and collect seashells at the beach. Bangka is a beautiful lush island and one of Indonesia’s most famous dive destinations. The house reef is located right off the beach and offers fantastic dives and is also very suitable for snorkelling. Sit back, relax in a hammock and watch as the tide rolls in.

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