Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort

Select your room and in next step select the number of dives and submit your inquiry. Your request then needs to be supplemented with transfers to and from the island and possibly your other requests. We can assist with the flight.

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Single room - Garden View Room

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Double room - Garden View Room

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Single room - Deluxe Room

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Double room - Deluxe Room

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Suite - 2

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Dauin - Dumaguete

Dive Resort and Hotels - Philippine

Our Dive Resorts and Scuba Hotels are carefully selected considering the quality of the diving in the area. These Resorts and Hotels are diving specialists with own diving center and the guests are exclusively divers. We have a long experience of diving in the Philippines and we choose our partners with care and based on genuine knowledge of the market and the actors that exist.

About the country

The Philippines, an archipelago with more than 7000 islands, are located in Southeast Asia. Beside the national language, Tagalog, most of the people know how to speak English. About 90% of the Filipinos are Christians; the remaining 10% are Muslim, living mostly on the southernmost islands.

The journey will be to the international airport, Manila or Cebu, and then by domestic flight or ferry to your destination.

Upon entry the passport has to be valid for more than 6 months. There is no visa required for a stay less than 21 days. A visa for 59 days is available at the Philippine embassy or consulate. It is possible to extend the visa until a maximum stay of 1 year at the immigration office of every bigger city (e.g. Cebu City, Dumaguete).

The Philippine currency is the Peso. The US $ bills are easy to change almost everywhere. US$ traveler checks are accepted in almost every bank and as well in most of the resorts and dive centers. Payments with VISA and Master cards is still not everywhere possible. In many resorts credit cards are not accepted or only with 5-10% service charge. In bigger cities it is possible to get cash out of the ATM machines.

At the moment there are no vaccinations required. There is no need to take malaria prophylaxis in the Visayas. It is just recommended if you're traveling to Palawan or some parts of Mindanao. Like in every tropic area typhus and hepatitis prophylaxis is recommended. The Tetanus vaccination should be updated as well. Please contact your medical doctor if there are any questions.

In almost every resort there is international food as well as local food available. Specialties are of course fish and seafood dishes. You will find a big variety of tropical fruits like mangos, bananas, pineapples and so on.

Tap water isn't drinkable in every resort, sometimes lightly salty. Mineral water is everywhere available. Enjoy fresh and delicious fruit juices and shakes. For beer enthusiasts we can recommend the local San Miguel.

All around the Visayas is tropical climate, the temperatures are between 28-35ºC. There is not really a rainy season in this area; normally from December to June you will find the most stable weather conditions.

Short pants and T-shirts are normally enough. A pair of long pants, a sweater or jacket should be in your hand luggage because of the very cold air-conditioned waiting areas and fast ferries.

In almost all destinations 24 hours power supply (sometimes generator power not 24 hours) with 220 Volts. Some variation and interruptions can be expected. US standard plugs are used, for European plugs an adaptor required (please ask the resort or dive center).

The Filipino people (especially children) like to be in pictures, but always better to ask first permission.