Package Tour-10 Nights Puerto Gallera

Departure date: 2025-05-16

Transport: Avrage package price. Please note that the flight rates change from day to day. That´s why the packageprices below should be seen as indicative prices. The final package price is therefore determined on the day of booking.

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Package - Superior room, Shared Twin/double

  • Package tour. HB. incl. flight, transfers Manila-Sabang 2 way, 10 nights accomodation, half board, 18 guided boat dives.
Price from 2 856 EUR
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Package - Superior room, Single Room

  • Package tour. HB. incl. flight, transfers Manila-Sabang 2 way, 10 nights accomodation, half board, 18 guided boat dives.
Price from 3 186 EUR
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Travel information

The package include

  • Flight to and from Manila
  • Two way transfer Manila-Batangas. Boat transfer Batangas-Sabang
  • 10 nights accomodation Superior rum.
  • Half board meal plan. 
  • 18 Gided boat dives

Package rate do not include

  • Diving equiopment. 15$ per set per day.
  • Supplement for night dive. 15$ per dve
  • Nitrox 7$ per dive
  • Black Water Night dive 40$
  • Verde island supplement 100$
  • individual insurence
  • visa fee
  • Airport fees


Puero Gallera

Welcome to a paradise for diving enthusiasts, where adventure and beauty meet beneath the surface. Discover a tropical underwater oasis where vibrant coral reefs meet majestic marine creatures in crystal-clear waters. Whether you're an experienced diver or a beginner, Puerto Galera offers a variety of dive sites suitable for all levels. From tranquil reef dives to exciting drift dives, there is something for every diver to explore and enjoy.

Diving Environment

Based in Sabang, divers have access to an abundance of dive sites. These sites promise an impressive diversity of marine life and fascinating underwater landscapes. Beautiful and thriving coral reefs flourish with a range of colors and shapes. The reefs are home to an abundance of reef fish of all sizes and colors. Among the creatures you're likely to encounter are reef sharks, octopuses, sea turtles, mackerels, snappers, surgeonfish, triggerfish, groupers, travlers, drumfish, and barracudas.


Sabang is a paradise for macro enthusiasts. Just a few fin kicks from the shore, you'll be amazed by the rich diversity of small marine species. It's not uncommon to encounter tiny creatures you've never even seen a picture of before. Small creatures seemingly taken from Mars.

Night Dives

Don't miss out on night dives when visiting Puerto Galera. A night dive opens up a whole new world of opportunities for macro photography and observing nocturnal species. Many of the smaller species become more active at night. Try a night dive off the shore from Sabang Beach. The dive center has experienced guides who are familiar with the area's small species and the best spots for macro diving.

Verde Island

You won't want to miss diving at Verde Island, known for its outstanding diving and a popular excursion destination. Verde Island Passage is located between the islands of Mindoro and Luzon, directly accessible from Sabang. This location has been described (in a study by the American Smithsonian Institute) as the "Center of the center of the world's marine biological diversity." Here, you'll find spectacular reef formations and over 300 species of corals. Nearly 60 percent of all known reef fish species in the world can be found on these reefs. You can expect to see a wide range of corals, fish, sharks, turtles, and other marine creatures.

Despite its popularity, Verde Island remains relatively untouched, and the conservation of its marine ecosystem is of utmost importance. Many dive centers and organizations are actively working to protect and preserve the unique environment around Verde Island.



Puerto Gallera Scandi Divers

Scandi Divers Hotel and Dive Center was established by Danish entrepreneur Peter Liisberg. In 2012, the business was acquired by Dr. David Asmussen from the USA. Since then, Dr. David has further developed Scandi Divers by acquiring neighboring properties, including Campbell's Beach Resort and Swengland Beach Resort. As a result, the establishment now offers over 40 rooms. Under Dr. David's stewardship, the business has evolved into a highly esteemed and professional dive resort. Sdandi Divers is based in Big La Laguna.

Big La Laguna is the northen beach and neighbor to Small La Laguna. Here at Big La Laguna, you'll find the only sandy beach in Sabang. Over time, the sand on Sabang Beach and Small La Laguna has been washed away, but at Big La Laguna, there is still a sandy beach remaining. As the name suggests, Big La Laguna is a larger beach than its neighbor, Small La Laguna. The beach area stretches along the coast and offers plenty of space for sunbathing, beach walks, and relaxation by the water.

Package tours - Philippines

Our package tours to the Philippines are meticulously crafted arrangements, taking into consideration several crucial factors. Travel arrangements in the Philippines are generally intricate, primarily due to the country's geography and the fact that most destinations are situated on islands requiring boat transfers for access. The timing of flight arrivals is pivotal to facilitate same-day transfers to your final destination upon landing. Boat transfers must be conducted during daylight hours, which may necessitate an overnight stay on the mainland before continuing the journey.

We exclusively partner with carefully selected dive resorts and dive centers, affording us deep insight into their operations. This ensures that you can rely on us and feel secure when choosing to book one of our package tours.

About the country

The Philippines, an archipelago with more than 7000 islands, are located in Southeast Asia. Beside the national language, Tagalog, most of the people know how to speak English. About 90% of the Filipinos are Christians; the remaining 10% are Muslim, living mostly on the southernmost islands.

The journey will be to the international airport, Manila or Cebu, and then by domestic flight or ferry to your destination.

Upon entry the passport has to be valid for more than 6 months. There is no visa required for a stay less than 21 days. A visa for 59 days is available at the Philippine embassy or consulate. It is possible to extend the visa until a maximum stay of 1 year at the immigration office of every bigger city (e.g. Cebu City, Dumaguete).

The Philippine currency is the Peso. The US $ bills are easy to change almost everywhere. US$ traveler checks are accepted in almost every bank and as well in most of the resorts and dive centers. Payments with VISA and Master cards is still not everywhere possible. In many resorts credit cards are not accepted or only with 5-10% service charge. In bigger cities it is possible to get cash out of the ATM machines.

At the moment there are no vaccinations required. There is no need to take malaria prophylaxis in the Visayas. It is just recommended if you're traveling to Palawan or some parts of Mindanao. Like in every tropic area typhus and hepatitis prophylaxis is recommended. The Tetanus vaccination should be updated as well. Please contact your medical doctor if there are any questions.

In almost every resort there is international food as well as local food available. Specialties are of course fish and seafood dishes. You will find a big variety of tropical fruits like mangos, bananas, pineapples and so on.

Tap water isn't drinkable in every resort, sometimes lightly salty. Mineral water is everywhere available. Enjoy fresh and delicious fruit juices and shakes. For beer enthusiasts we can recommend the local San Miguel.

All around the Visayas is tropical climate, the temperatures are between 28-35ºC. There is not really a rainy season in this area; normally from December to June you will find the most stable weather conditions.

Short pants and T-shirts are normally enough. A pair of long pants, a sweater or jacket should be in your hand luggage because of the very cold air-conditioned waiting areas and fast ferries.

In almost all destinations 24 hours power supply (sometimes generator power not 24 hours) with 220 Volts. Some variation and interruptions can be expected. US standard plugs are used, for European plugs an adaptor required (please ask the resort or dive center).

The Filipino people (especially children) like to be in pictures, but always better to ask first permission.